What kind of things do you fix?

We fix hifi equipment, musician’s amps and instruments, recording equipment, and PA equipment… This includes stereo receivers, turntables, radios, guitar, bass, and keyboard amps, analog tape machines, mixers, mic preamps, eqs, compressors, some microphones, power amplifiers, powered speakers, passive speakers, electric pianos and synths. Also other things.

Do you work on tube equipment?


Do you work on solid-state equipment?


Do you work on vintage gear?

Also yes.

Wow! What don’t you work on?

Car stereos. Please do not call us about car stereos.

Also most cassette decks. 8 track players. Digital home theater/AV systems. Certain amplifiers, such as Carver and Sunfire. Digital audio interfaces. Anything worth less then $100 in resale value.

As of fall 2021, we are no longer accepting Sony reel to reels for service.

Can you fix my thing?

Maybe. We’d really have to take a look at it. We usually only work on stuff we can get service documentation for, so contact us with the make and model if you are unsure.

How much will it cost to fix my thing?

Our rate is $100/hr + parts. We have a $50 minimum paid in advance as a deposit (and this deposit is $200 for cassette decks, reel to reels, and hi fi consoles). The cost of labor and parts can vary widely from project to project. We cannot provide an estimate for a repair until we have examined it.

For vintage hi-fi consoles, the following policies also apply:

  • We only work on the electronics; we will not take the cabinets into our shop.
  • We do not work on console turntables, as they are not usually serviceable enough for us to guarantee the quality of our work.
  • If the speakers need service, they also need to be removed from the cabinet if we are to do work on them.
  • We require an open-ended commitment of up to $3000 with no estimates.

How long will it take to fix my thing?

We strive to get estimates out within a week. Once you give the go ahead we can typically do the work within a week as well. If we have a backlog, We’ll let you know that it could be longer. If we need to special order parts that will increase the turnaround time.

I need my thing sooner then that!

If you need your equipment done by a certain day, you can pay a $100 rush fee and jump to the top of our queue.

Can you modify my thing?

We’re happy to carry out a established mod on your equipment. We’re also happy to research what is out there for your piece. If you want us to develop a new mod for you, be aware that this is very time-consuming and thus will cost a lot.

Will you fix my thing while I wait?

Since we work on projects in the order received, there is almost always another project ahead of yours in the exam queue. For this reason, as well as the unpredictability of the exam and repair process, we cannot turn around repairs on the spot.

Can I watch you work?

Our technicians need as much space as possible to do their work in the shop so we cannot invite customers in at this time.

What are your hours?

Our hours are 10am-6pm, Tuesday through Friday.

Your appointment times don’t work for me.

Shoot us an email; it is possible that we can arrange drop offs and pick ups outside of regular business hours under special circumstances.

Are you closed on holidays?

Sometimes; please check back for holiday hours for the next year.

I have another question.

Email us. Or take a look at our policies.