The Hydra

The Hydra

Before I started Sound Audio Repair, I called up an older tech to ask for advice. “You know about the rule of three, right?” he said. I did not. He explained.

The rule of three is that you get one of something in the shop there’s two more coming shortly. You get one full auto turntable, two more are on the way. You get one piece with dead filter caps, two more with the same problem are sitting on the shelves waiting for an exam. Now, this is obviously pattern-seeking fallacy, nonetheless in my experience it has born out 100% of the time.

But sometimes the matrix glitches, mercury goes into retrograde, the shop draws the ire of some god or demon, and instead of the the rule of three we are faced with the hydra.

The hydra is when the same thing starts appearing in mass. For every one you fix, two more rise to take it’s place. Flooding the shop. Filling every shelf and bit of wall space.

We’ve got an hydra in the shop right now, and it’s name is Digital Piano. Every day more arrive, we’ve stacked them in every corner. Weekly we get calls from people wanting us to do house calls to slay them in their lairs.

We put a incredibly heavy one on a keyboard stand behind my bench, and now it looks over my shoulder, watching every thing I do.

So anyway if need a keyboard fixed hit us up. We’ve got lots of experience. Not a lot shelf space right now though. – sam